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The hub of knowledge, advocacy, and inspiration. DocNation’s video series is curated to empower physicians, keeping them informed and motivated. Delve into a vast collection that ranges from expert-led discussions on modern medical challenges to insights on preserving physician autonomy in today’s complex healthcare landscape. Whether you’re seeking guidance, looking to stay updated, or simply want to reconnect with the core values of healthcare, our video series is your window into the future of medicine. Register, dive in, learn, and be inspired. 

Are you Ready to Join a Doctor’s Union?

The founders of DocNation delve into the concept of forming a physician union. Watch as they uncover the driving force behind the idea of a physician union and how it can empower doctors to advocate for better working conditions, fair compensation, and improved patient care.

Updates From The Hill

DocNation welcomes special guest and member Dr. Brian Rich as we discuss the current state of health care and physician advocacy in Washington and what path forward is needed in order to bolster support for physicians.

Health Insurance Is Broken

DocNation invite Andy Schoonover, CEO of CrowdHealth, to discuss alternatives to the current broken landscape of health insurance.

Contract Catastrophe

Welcome one of our Signature DocNation Members Dr Aaron Mitchell as we discuss contract negotiation and possible pitfalls

Doctors In The Dark

Learn what the medical establishment doesn’t want you to know with special guest Dr. Nikhil Verma.

Behind The Curtain

Special guest and former hospital administrator Gary Stone pulls back the curtain about the relationship between hospital administrators and physicians.

Show Me The Money

DocNation welcome Dr Kyle Moyler and Dr Josh Lumbley, members of Doc2Doc lending, to discuss the financial and borrowing struggles facing many physicians.

Physician Abuse

DocNation welcomes Allison Cotton MD, founder of the Physician Support Line, to talk about Physician Abuse in the medial community. The webinar speaks to financial disparagement,

No Doctors Allowed

DocNation welcomes John Prunskis MD, physician, diplomat, and professor to talk about doctors gaining a seat at the table in Washington. This webinar speaks about how with no representation in politics physicians continue to get taken advantage of in the field of healthcare.

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